The Importance of Eating Low Glycemic Foods

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The Importance of Eating Low Glycemic Foods

Eating low glycemic foods allows you to eat carbohydrates if it is done correctly.

Why should you eat low glycemic foods? Well, these foods are ranked low on the glycemic index based on blood sugar levels. Food like apples and broccoli are low on the index and can be eaten anytime. However, things like rye breaks and raisin bran cereal score high and should be eaten less.


It is good to know that not all carbs are bad and that their needs to be a way to classify the carbs that we put in our body. Those that are high in sugar can make us feel sluggish and not necessarily give our bodies what they need to burn off while working out. Foods like mashed potatoes and instant oatmeal fit that category. This is why it is important to eat proteins with good carbohydrates: peanut butter and apples, nuts and cheese. These diets can help give you the protein you need along with the good carbohydrates that keep your body balanced.


Some of the things that a person should do in order to maintain good health are:

  1. Cut back on salt and sugar
  2. Create a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  3. And remember to eat less. Eat right and move more.


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