What Are Branched-Chain Amino Acids & What Can They Do for You?

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What Are Branched-Chain Amino Acids & What Can They Do for You?

Choosing what to eat before or after a workout can be tough. That is why it is essential to research some of the things that your body needs to stay healthy, and that includes the foods that you eat.


Did you know that there are 20 different types of amino acids within our body that makeup thousands of different proteins? Did you also know that out of these 20 amino acids, nine of them are essential? Well, you should. Out of the nine essential amino acids- three of them are referred to as Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs), which are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These types of amino acids are found on foods rich in protein, like eggs, meat and dairy products. They can also be found in supplemental powder form.  


Now that we know what BCAAs are. What can they do for us?

First of all, they can help increase muscle growth. The BCAA amino acid leucine helps stimulate a pathway within the body that creates muscle protein synthesis, which helps make muscle. For the best results, it is important to consult with a staff member to make sure that you are using all of the essential amino acids to help increase muscle mass.


Another way that BCAA’s are beneficial is because it helps decrease muscle soreness. These amino acids have been shown to help decrease muscle damage, which can help reduce the length of delayed onset muscle soreness. Try taking some of these supplements before working out and it may even speed up recovery time for muscle soreness.


Some of the other ways that BCAAs are helpful is through reducing exercise fatigue, preventing muscle wasting, and help improve the health of those who have been diagnosed with liver disease.


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